Wednesday, November 7, 2007

[ASP.NET] How to setup Web Application with VS2003 and Source Safe

Scenario: you want to download and set up an ASP.NET Web Application developed in VS2003 from SourceSafe6.

Problem: When you open the solution file the source control kicks in with a dialog asking for an URL attaching "_1" to the name of your Project. At this point If you go OK it creates a new IIS virtual directory (which you don't want). If you go Cancel the solution ain't loaded. If you try to remove the appended suffix (_1, _2, etc. ) and you go OK you get an error message about a project already being there.

Follow these steps:
  1. Delete Everything related to the project (Virtual Directories from IIS included)
  2. Download again your project from SourceSafe
  3. Create a Virtual Directory and Map it on your project folder
  4. Delete the project file (.vbproj if VB etc.)
  5. Open your solution file and it should ask for the correct URL

First of all, let me say it: Visual Source Safe is the crappiest source controller ever. In the described scenario the integration with Visual Studio is everything but robust.

Apparently they do not even use it at Microsoft. Here's a quote, famous on the web, supposably from a Microsoft employee (I am aware this is dis-information):

"Visual SourceSafe? It would be safer to print out all your
code, run it through a shredder, and set it on fire."

[UPDATE] This method will work only if solution and Virtual Directory have the same name. If not, you don't need to cancel the project file, open with notepad the solution file and change the path according to your virtual directory. Is this butchering or not?