Friday, September 7, 2007



I am Johnny Idol (AKA Giovacchia) and this is a blog about software development and computing related incredible messes, solved in mysterious ways or not solved at all.

In wartime there are no compromises, you gotta be as fast as you can and watch your ass at the same time. Imagine a doctor in the middle of a battle trying to save injured soldiers: is he going to care about the simmetry of the stitches or spend a lot of time on every guy? Maybe he tried once, and one of the guys is now perfectly healthy, but a significant percentage of the others is resting in peace. He learned then that in wartime it can't take too long.
Best practices are what we like to read and speak about, but butchery is what we secretely do.

Gotta go track some bugs,

talk you soon.

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