Friday, January 25, 2008

[VS6] Cannot find [ file path ] (or one of its components) - when opening dsw Workspace

Problem: you get a "Cannot find [ file path ] (or one of its components).Check to ensure the path and filename are correct and that all required libraries are available." error when opening a Visual Studio 6 workspace file.

Solution: delete OPT and NCB files with the same name of your workspace (you find them in the same root folder of the workspace - back them up for safety if you feel so), they'll be re-generated as soon as you open the workspace.

This is one of those nasty ones you could spend a couple of hours on without having a clue. Those two kids just get corrupted sometimes/somehow (especially if you move the project, do some changes on some other machine/environment and then go back to yours). I tried to google it but no luck; just found the microsoft error page ( ) which won't help you to solve it. I discovered the solution by empirical method (read RANDOM trials).

Talk Ya'll soon.

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