Saturday, April 5, 2008

[SQL Server 2005] SQL Server 2005 hangs on "Setting [File/Registry ] Security"

Prolem: SQL Server 2005 (any edition including express) installation hangs on "Setting [File/Registry ] Security".

Solution: Either remove the network cable and restart or Go out for lunch and enjoy (it takes ages, 2-3 hours for the whole installation for big networks).

This is a very common problem that occurs often in presence of huge networks (global corporate networks are good candidates); the reason why it all happens seems to be related to some domain resolutions. The installation runs smoothly to this point, then it appears to hang for a long time, so long the temptation cancel the installation is almost irresistible. What stops you from doing it is obviously the fact that from taskmanager everything seems to be just fine. If you let it be for a couple of hours it evetually will finish the installation alright. I am at the moment not aware of other solutions rather than disconnect the machine from the network or - my favourite - go out for lunch, and make sure to have a big one.


Anonymous said...

Hell, yeah!~
I'm on a virtual machine on a big corporate network and after 1h I got an update in the log file. Now it is "hanging" on setting the registry security (before it was setting the file security)
I am off to a turkish for lunch...


Johnny Idol said...

Man I wish I had a turkish near the office

Anonymous said...

Thanks and really useful info or else I thought of to abandon and redo the installation

daniel said...

My Installation takes bout an hour plus. Have the thought of abandoning the installation :D at first till i saw the posts here and waited for it to complete. Juz leave it running and attend to ur other needs. It will eventually complete, time to complete varies btw machines.