Wednesday, September 3, 2008

[SQLServer] SQLServer2008: Workgroup VS Standard

You might be in doubt when choosing between SQLServer2008 Standard or Workgroup edition (most people rule out the Enterprise edition since it's 7500 € or so) - here's a list of the differences bewteen the two (in red most relevant).

Reporting Services memory limits : unlimited for Standard - 4GB for workgroup

Standard features not supported by workgroup:

Standard algorithms
Data mining tools: wizards, editors, query builders
SQL Server Analysis Services service
SQL Server Analysis Services backup
General performance/scale improvements
SSIS Designer including VSTA scripting
Integration Services service, wizards, and command prompt utilities
Basic tasks and transformations
Log providers and logging
Data profiling tools
Additional sources and destinations
: (Raw File source, XML source, DataReader destination, Raw File destination, Recordset destination, SQL Server Compact destination, SQL Server destination)
Business Intelligence Development Studio
MDX edit, debug, and design tools
Standard performance reports
Plan guides
Plan freezing for plan guides
Policy-based best practices
Multi-server policy-based management
Heterogeneous subscribers
Database mirroring
(witness only)
Failover clustering (very limited in workgroup)
Dynamic AWE
Failover without client configuration
Automatic corruption recovery from mirror

The Workgroup edition apparently includes 5 CAL licences (a license is around 130 €) - I see that as the only possible reason you might go for it since the price of the piece of software itself is very similar (around 600 € for the workgroup against 750 for the standard).

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