Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ask a Google Engineer - He Won't Answer

Recently I noticed a very promising initiative on Google Moderator: Ask a Google Engineer.

Geeks are encouraged asking questions to Guido Van Rossum & Co. with no limitation - from "Do you use Google toilet paper" to the infamous interview question "How would you sort 1 million 32-bit integers in 2MB of RAM?".

Turns out most of the question (roughly 1500 in total so far) asked by people (roughly 5000 so far) are silly complaints about how limited is this or why it's not possible to do that in gmail.
The rest are pretty much questions studied to impress Mr.Van Rossum with very elaborated Python blabbering or people trying to understand how to find the answers for the questions they are voting. 

But really - where are the answers? There are none (almost). Seen the amount of crap they're getting they're sitting it out to enable questions to be filtered by people votes.

Not exactly a success so far I'd say (maybe also because Google moderator kind of sucks imho)!


Martin said...

There seem to be quite a few responses on the engineers I selected, such as Adam Lasnik and Ken Thompson. I take it you are clicking the 'view response' link next to each question?

Johnny Idol said...

@Martin there are 23 and 27 questions for Adam Lasnik and Ken Thompson. Have a look at the other guys :-)

Anonymous said...

Johnny, what happened to your gay military programming blog? I am waiting with baited breath for your next entry/pictorial.

Johnny Idol said...

@Anonymous I was just mocking up Monsters Got My .NET (http://monstersgotmy.net/) with Fags and the Military Got My .NET (http://fagsandthemilitarygotmydotnet.blogspot.com/) - but I am sure it would make a hell of a blog (I'll probably post something soon).