Thursday, December 10, 2009

What a bunch of ...

... bullshit!

The developers count on the stackoverflow ad page is clearly increased at random.

The count is being increased in a recursively called function at random intervals. Here's the javascript:

        var visitors = 5373966;
        var updateVisitors = function()
                var vs = visitors.toString(), 
                     i = Math.floor(vs.length / 3),
                     l = vs.length % 3;
                while (i-->0) if (!(l==0&&i==0))
                    vs = vs.slice(0,i*3+l)
                       + ',' 
                       + vs.slice(i*3+l);
                setTimeout(updateVisitors, Math.random()*2000);
        setTimeout(updateVisitors, Math.random()*2000);

P.S. Posting this from google SideWiki - kinda cool

in reference to: (view on Google Sidewiki)


Gharr said...

Now that is funny (Gharr_home on twitter).

Johnny Idol said...

@Gharr ridiculously funny if you ask me :)

IanQuigley said...

I got an email from Stackoverflow for a special offer. I can upload my CV for only €20 (or something). Oh how I love generating content for other people but paying to do so is even sweeter!

Johnny Idol said...

@IanQuigley what?! you didn't take their 1st special offer 3 years for 20$? You must be crazy ... :)