Friday, October 24, 2008

[C++] convert std::string to const char * (and back)

Kind of a lousy-ass post but Straight to the point (with UNICODE on):

#include <string>
using namespace std;


//from std::string to const char*
string originalStr("Bunny Colvin Kicks Ass");
const char* cnstCharPtr = str.c_str();

//the other way around
string convertedStr(cnstCharPtr); //as simple as this
I found myself googlin' this up a number of times and I always forgot everything soon enough since I don't use it often. I decided to post it as a reference for myself and to increase chances to find an answer for anyone else who might be looking for it.



André said...

Yeah, it was pretty much the first page that google returned me for "c++ string to const char*", and it works =)

Johnny Idol said...


cool - I wonder how I got this on the first page without consulting one of those SEO snake oil salesman :)