Wednesday, December 24, 2008

[Poll] How many development feeds can you take?

To all of you information addicts out there - I was wondering how much information can people take.

At the moment I have 104 active subscriptions on my google reader, mostly development stuff, and I can barely keep up. I do not really read all the stuff that gets posted - I scan with my eyes and if my fast forward algorithm gets some keyword that I am interested in I go back and read the post.

If you add twitter to that there's enough for an overdose of information (but twitter is more about what people are doing and you don't really try to keep up if you don't wanna go mad).

How many feeds do-you/can-you follow (assuming you have a day-job)? Check-out the poll.

P.S. Happy Christmas to all the butchers out there from .NET Butchering 


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zproxy said...

Google tells me I am scanning 1096 feeds. Some of them are inactive tho as the bloggers have moved...

Johnny Idol said...

that's quite a number (even if some of them are inactive)! you must've some good scanning skills

Anonymous said...

Wow that puts my 400 to shame.

ooblogger said...

I have 19 and I can barely catch up, I think that the most important thing is good feed reader, I use google reader and keys like j,k and m are really helpfull

Anonymous said...

~350. Albeit with the help of Google Reader + PostRank plugin (

Anonymous said...

I use a great tool (command-line) called newsbeuter.

here is an example of usage -
by hitting one key, I scan all feeds of specific categories for updates.
another nice feature - in one command you import your opml file.

try it out -

Johnny Idol said...


newsbeuter looks pretty cool - what's the advantage compared to google reader (besides the fact that it's a cmd line tool)?

Anonymous said...

I have 386 feeds, but this figure can be much larger if I would get rid of some non-IT high-volume time-eaters.