Friday, December 12, 2008

Recession will (hopefully) wipe SEO off the earth

I am no economics nostradamus or anything, but it's likely in my opinion that recession will bring people back to the real thing, and wipe SEO scums who lure between marketing an IT off the internet (and hopefully the earth).

I know there are loads (well, maybe not that much... ) of respectable professionals out there who offer SEO as part of their services - and they'll probably survive, but If I already believed that  "if you do SEO for a living, you will be out of business or irrelevant in 3 years" (quoting SEO is dead) recession seems now to be only accellerating things from this point of view.

I already stated my views on SEO in a previous post, but if you have a look at this link you'll notice that this guy's English is way better than mine and his approach to SEO deconstruction is way less simplistic; we're basically saying the same thing though: SEO is piss-easy. Even if I worked in marketing, I'd never invest solely on SEO because it's a soap bubble that's gonna explode in people faces sooner or later. 

Go ahead - tell me I am an idiot. 


Anonymous said...


In actuality, it'll probably make the problem 10 times worse. Remember after the .com crash and all the easy internet money dried up?

That's when spyware and popups really stared to flourish as programmers went broke and some became duplicitous.

Akash Kava said...

Not only SEO sucks but automated google's page ranking algorithm is now failing absolutely to deliver unwanted results first.

Anything you search, just gives us 1 million results and now we really need search in search to get results.

I guess quality ranking only based on expert opinions in particular field matters.

Johnny Idol said...


I guess that's another way of looking at the thing.

If the easy money dries up again most of the spammers and SEO scammers around will be out of fucking business. Some of them will get nasty alright, but the web has changed and we have ways of going around most of their shit now.

Rocky1138 said...

In actuality, the needs of businesses to invest in LEGITIMATE SEO services is likely to increase over the next 5-10 years as the number of people coming onto the internet as well as the number of web pages being added to the pile every day increases drastically.

Companies that don't make their websites visible to search engines will not survive.