Thursday, March 13, 2008

[C++] How to disable Alt+Tab (and other key combinations)

You might need at some stage to disable some key combinations. There are -as always- different ways to do it; the one that I find -arguably- the easiest is showed in the following snippet, which traps the ALT+TAB combo:

#define MY_HOTKEYID 100 //unique in your window
//Lock ALT+TAB - might wanna do it in your form constructor
bool isMyKeyComboTrapped = RegisterHotKey(GetSafeHwnd(), MY_HOTKEYID, MOD_ALT, VK_TAB);
ASSERT(isMyKeyComboTrapped!= FALSE); // just in case
//Unlock ALT+TAB - might wanna do it in your form destructor
isMyKeyComboTrapped = UnregisterHotKey(GetSafeHwnd(), MY_HOTKEYID);
ASSERT(isMyKeyComboTrapped!= TRUE); // just in case

What you're doing here is basically register a key combo without providing any handler for the WM_HOTKEY message fired when the Alt+Tab combination is pressed. You can use this trick to lock other key combos; use this msdn link as reference: RegisterHotKey reference. This method can't be used to trap the infamous Ctrl+Alt+Del combination in order to disable Task Manager; for this you can use the method described in this other post: How to Disable Task Manager.

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Jonny Stecchino said...

Simple and Clear!

Rajavanya said...

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Sam said...

I looked at Technorati and it hasn't been updated for 2 weeks. Just FYI

I wonder if in a GUI program it wouldn't be better to keep those key combos active, and just "bail out" in the EventHandler. Of course I haven't done C++ GUIs at all.

Johnny Idol said...


thanks. You can subscribe to the feed from the Subscribe to: Posts link at the bottom of the page. Anyway here's the link:

5.99$ sounds like a good deal. We'll have a look, thanks for pointing out.

Johnny Idol said...


thanks, we'll check technocrati out.

You're right, that would be the best way to do it, giving you the chance to add some handling code in future if you need to. But -hey- look at the headline at the top, it says "When there's no time for best practices".

It's just a few more lines of code anyway, we'll probably arrange another post about how to handle key combination after registering them.

Adrian Rosebrock said...

Good tutorial. Very simple and straight forward.