Tuesday, March 25, 2008

[Poll] Favourite Web Technology - Result

Hi there,
the first .NET Butchering poll - What's is your favourite web technology - is closed.
We had 78 votes in 10 days, which is not a lot but is something considering we've been around just for a few months.

To cut a long story short, PHP (40 votes - 51%) kicked ASP.NET's ass (36 votes - 46%). Just a few votes Ruby ( 11 - 14%) and JSP (9 - 11%), which might be considered as a good result for ruby but a very poor result for JSP (understandable, as working with Java Server Pages is a real pain in the ass). For the Others section (19%) we had a number of comments about Django, indicating the guy is kicking and screaming right now.

I'd say the result confirms PHP as the nicest web technology around, and ASP.NET as the hottest for the industry. Bye bye JSP, welcome Django.

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