Thursday, March 27, 2008

Missing Sql Server 2005 Management Studio

Problem: after the installation of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 there is no trace of the Management Studio.

Asked Johnny Idol about the solution, he answered "Google it"...what a great tip!

The main problem seems related to a previous installation of MS Visual Studio (2008), which comes with a SQL Server Express Edition, that interferes for some reason.

Below are two solutions for the problem:

Solution 1: check this link for an elegant solution, found just when I had already used solution 2.

Solution 2: just because this is a butchering blog, I'll show you a very powerful solution.

  1. open Control Panel

  2. select Add or Remove Programs

  3. uninstall ALL voices related to MS SQL Server

  4. Reinstall Microsoft SQL Server 2005

  5. Now the Management Studio is right into your program menu.

Simple and brutal, but it works both in Windows XP and Vista.
Stay tuned!


Johnny Idol said...

the classic nuclear bomb instead of the firecrack - way to go scuffia

fortboise said...

Sorry I'm late. Even more direct approach: find SqlRun_Tools.msi (it was in DISC2\Setup for the x64 bits) and run that, selecting the things you want but didn't get earlier.